Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema!!! One of the most amazing things I had ever
seen. It stretches the imagination of men in all forms
music, literature , acting, technology. Cinema is a
harmony, a marriage of all these. And above all these
stands the vision and imagination of some people
behind the screens. I believe the medium of cinema
itself has so much of potential in it that everyone
who is in it will never be able to explore the whole
of it.And may be that's why it is so interesting.

I had a major crush on movies during my 10+2 days. I
watched almost 300 movies in 700 days. I graduated
from watching any movie to some movie and then to good
movie. In the process I feel that I am out the basics
of filmmaking. Well, I figured them out while doing n
number of mistakes in my first short film.

This blog would majorly carry reviews on movies,
these might not be updates about the latest movies.
These would be more about the movies I keep watching
on DVDs. People who want to go and grab a DVD can
check this blog. in a position to review some of them.
Though I don't think I have the huge database of
movies with me and might not be able to refer back to
old English classics, I can pretty much figure


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